Making a Detailed Home Inventory When Moving

Its common for people to lose a few items during their move. In some cases, it takes weeks to

realize that something is lost -- it depends on how important the missing items are. If you realize

you are missing an item weeks after it’s gone, you won’t be able to really talk to your Secaucus

movers about it since you’ll have already signed off the waybill they’ve provided.

You can avoid this from happening to you. It will take a lot of time but if you lose anything

valuable, then doing these extra steps will definitely pay off. You need to know everything that

you are taking with you in your move with a packing list. Your things can be lost or damaged but

as long as you know what should arrive in your new home, you’ll be able to talk it out with your

insurance to cover the loss or damages incurred.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make a detailed household inventory and packing list:

1. Make copies of all of your important documents like titles, birth certificates, wills,

insurance policies, etc. Keep the original documents with you at all times and the copies

can go with the rest of your things.

2. Record all of your belongings. You can do this quickly with your smartphone’s camera.

You could even make an audio diary or add notes to each photo including the details of

each item like its value, and it’s purchase date. This will help your insurance determine

the value of the item. If you’re making a video, ask somebody to help you by holding the

items, opening doors, and drawers. Of course if it suits you, you can make a manual

written record of everything. Make sure to include the purchase date and price.

3. Depending on what kind of things you own, you should photograph or describe what

they are. This includes clothes, kitchen items, tools, everything with some kind of value.

This will be a big help for your Secaucus movers if anything goes missing. They’ll be

able to retrace their steps and see if anything has been mixed up with their other clients.

4. Once you’ve documented everything, make multiple copies of the lists, videos, and

photos. Place these copies in safe places or give them to people you trust and keep the

original with you. This guarantees that you will have copies of the list even if you lose


5. You can present your lists to your Secaucus moving company and receive a more

accurate estimate of the costs of your move. This will also help determine if you require

extra moving insurance.

After your move is finished, make sure you keep this list safe and update it whenever you buy

anything new. This record is ideal for emergencies like fires, earthquakes, or other natural

disasters and also if you are ever robbed. Serial numbers and descriptions of your belongings

will help you recover your items or get properly compensated by your insurance.